...But it is your responsibility to create results in your life going forward into the future! 

I know you want more for yourself...

...and all these events, books, and motivational posts just aren't cutting it.

You've tried everything to get ahead in life and no matter what new potion, pill, or strategy you apply your results are nowhere to be found.

Everyone and everything are trying to sell you success...

but they've yet to deliver real results..."

We Remove all excuses and guide you through your roadblocks.

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Recognize life assignments unique to you and tools to help you carry them out.

When you believe in yourself, you can conquer the enemy on the inside.Answer vital questions about yourself: Who am I?

Identify, celebrate, and use the talents, skills, ideas, thoughts, and abilities that make you unique.

​Identify the correct attitudes, abilities, associations, and actions to make it happen. 

Module 1: Identify And Develop Your True Identity

Plan your pathway to achievement through smart goals and an action plan.

"A dream without action is merely a wish. Action without a dream is merely passing time. But a dream with action can change the world." Marlon Smith Identify and bring clarity to your vision (dream).

Identify and let go of hindrances (the past, habits, people, thought processes, belief systems, etc.) that are keeping you from achieving your dreams. 

Module 2: Converting Your Dreams Into Reality

Recognize opportunities you may have missed or are missing. Identify fears and concerns that hinder you from taking advantage of them.

With each opportunity, there are risks involved. Fear, doubt, unbelief, lack of familiarity; all of these can paralyze us and prevent us from taking advantage of the opportunities around us. Identify and connect with key persons who can open the door for you.

Become a risk taker. Decide now to take these steps toward the doors that are waiting to open for you and your great potential. You can do it!

Module 3: Recognizing and Activating Opportunity

Access The Mentoring  Program Now
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Become more aware of your purpose and how to achieve it effectively. Recognize the greatness within you to change the world.

Someone is watching and listening to you. They are looking to you for direction, guidance, and leadership.

You are to the world only one person, but to one person, you may have the influence to change their world. 

Better understand the qualities of an effective leader and how to implement them in your life. 

Module 4: Releasing The Leadership Role In Your Life

Unlock the power of Scripture and apply the lessons to mold the plan for your life.

The Word of the Lord is the power that you need to charge up your greatness.

Learn to accept the power that the Lord has given you so that you can live the life you're destined to live.

Understand the principles of the Holy Spirit and how they apply to your life and success.

Module 5: Living The Unhindered Life

Take the steps to clarify your vision and convert your dreams in pathways to success.

You’re far more than you are right now, and your potential is right in front of you. This content will help you grow into your untapped potential.

Learn how to harness the power of your perceived value.

Complete exercises that don't just have you wait for your defining moment, they help you create it. 

Module 6: Developing Your limitless Potential


"I went from feeling really stuck to really feeling like the things I wanted to accomplish with my life were possible. And not only were they possible, she helped me put together a strategic plan."

Melody Barker

"It was the words of Dr. Fluitt that helped to get from one step to the next....She has truly been transformational in my life!"

Gospel Singer and Actor

Marvin Winans

"....If your destiny is great, you can't afford not to do this....."

Global Strategic Officer

Dr. Anna McCoy

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